Sunday, April 10, 2011

You Are The Music To My Soul
 There Is No Greater Hero Than A Brother

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Darin's first year of Tee Ball 2011
#11- Daddy's baseball number
 So darn cute with his daddys ears!
 He was so happy to be a baseball player!
 Getting ready for his first hit of his first
game and he killed the ball!!
(See daddy watching anxiously on first?!)
 This is normal...playing in the dirt and all...
 He is the youngest on his team, cant you tell?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Amazing Day!

Who grows up in the Pacific Northwest and has never seen the Nutcracker? Me apparently! So yesterday afternoon my husband and I joined one of my most wonderful friends and her lovely fiance for a date. We exchanged our Christmas gifts, mine were AMAZING silver shoes! She knows the way to my heart! Then we ventured out to Seattle for the ballet, The Nutcracker, and then headed to the Melting Pot. Which by the way was HORRIBLE! Terrible service and the food was gross. Never so disappointed about my food AND service at once. So Grants fabulous idea was to finish up and go eat at another restaurant. Now for those of you who enjoy watching me eat like a man, you would not have been surprised to see me so excited for two dinners. Needless to say, I also made my husband stop for chocolate on the way home...but that part of my night is coming up. Well, Christy and I enjoyed learning about the South and proper speech down there. Apparently we would NEVER fit in. Christy had him saying "Friday" and "Darlin" all night. Grant is pretty cool, but that's been known. We had an amazing time on our date.

I HATE LAUNDRY! Everyone who truly knows me, knows how much I hate laundry! They also know that I don't do laundry. My awesome husband does. I wish I were a millionaire just so I didn't have to wash my clothes. I would do anything to wear something once and throw it away so I didn't have to wash it, fold it, and put it away in my OCD organized closest. Anyways, Cody and I take our friends home and head home ourselves. We discuss that our boys church clothes are dirty. This is where the amazing thing happens. Cody decides instead of going home and washing their clothes, we buy them new ones! It was like a dream come true but without the million dollars. So we stop and I grabbed some chocolate, tried to fight the tears over my never ending battle with, "this is the largest toddler size they sell, I am going to be buying my baby kid clothes soon. NOT OK!" Ate the chocolate and soon felt better. Later, we got the boys from my mom and actually headed home.

My husband gets the mail. A LOAD of Christmas cards and letters, my favorite being Jills. Mostly because she mailed it and lives across the street from me. And I don't mean a few houses down, I mean our bedroom windows face each others. I adore her!! Anyways, we are reading all the cards and I see this envelope from my school. First off let me catch you up with my school status. We decided that I should not go next quarter because we have so much financially going on and school is ridiculously expensive out of pocket. So I finally became as OK with not going as I could, although I was willing to give up a lot to go. Back to the letter- In it was a check partially reimbursing us for last quarter and the letter was granting me part of my winter and spring tuition. We still have some out of pocket to pay but I am still SOOO grateful! Can you imagine how my night ended? Tears of joy! I was so happy to be able to continue on with this year. I have been working so hard and school has never meant so much to me.

Needless to say, yesterday was one AMAZING day! I am so grateful for wonderful friends. My perfect in every way husband. Angelic babies that shouldn't be able to grow up so fast. My extreme love for food. Beautiful shoes, chocolate, and miracles. I am one HAPPY HAPPY girl and I thank God and Cody everyday for all my blessings!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wasting time writing...

There are a million things that I should be doing. Homework number one, but after hours and days of studying it, I just cant seem to get it. Now I will just pray for a miracle. I should be getting snacks ready for when my kids wake up. Vacuuming the floor before I don't have another opportunity. Replying to my emails, getting ready for class tonight or getting the grocery list together. There are a million things I should be doing, except for this. I am hoping after writing about random thoughts, I might find my motivation and a spurt of energy to get through the rest of my duties for the day.

I started my day at 6:30, typical Monday. Woke up, brushed my teeth and turned on the news waiting for Kyla my first little one of the day to arrive. That's when I heard a plop and fast footsteps rushing from my bed to the door. That's my hint to beat him to the stairs before he starts yelling for me and wakes Kaiden. Darin doesn't like to wake up alone and every time he does I am the first thing he goes looking for. When Kyla arrived just moments after we all snuggled on the couch as Kyla fell back to sleep. We carried on about our usually morning even with an early bird. Cleaned up any little messes, ate breakfast, got the kids all dressed for the day, played, had snack and then story time. The day was going really well. We had some company shortly before lunch and naps. Unfortunately this was Darin’s breaking point. I couldn't understand what his deal was in the moment and then remembered, he was up two hours early. After our company left I told him to sit in his bed to think about the way that he talked to me and treated me. He was to sit there until I had lunch ready then I would come and get him. When I went back up there about five minutes later, he was asleep. He had been so tired he hardly even cried for being in timeout. Its almost 3 and Darin is STILL asleep, along with Kaiden and Kyla. I am so grateful for the hours of peace and I am still enjoying them.

Amazing how after those moments of struggle and frustration thinking your the worst parent in the whole world, you still wouldn't trade it for anything. The first time I cried over Darin’s behavior was after walking out of a doctors appointment for the boys last year. It was so hard to keep them both under control and Darin was just wild. I walked out, called my mom and cried like a baby. I was humiliated and completely out of patience. All she could say was they are always worth it. And they are!!!

I love my little boys so much! No matter how much I may complain about being tired or frustrated, they are ALWAYS worth the fight!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finally A Blogger!

I have finally managed to create a blog and now, where do I begin? I guess I should warn any readers about my randomness or what a horrible speller I am. My thoughts are never put together and I always talk about ten things in one sentence. So if you can keep up, I will introduce you to my wild and crazy and most of all blessed life.

When creating a title for my blog nothing else came to mind but Momma Lewis. I thought and thought but nothing can sum up my world like those two words. As a little girl all I could dream about was finding my "prince charming". My perfect husband and having a family. I dreamt of a man who worked hard for his family, who loved me more then anything and who made beautiful babies for me to love and hold everyday. There is very little that I remember as a young girl, but being a mother and wife, that was my passion and my destiny.

I was so blessed to be a young wife and mother. All at once I felt like all my wishes had been granted. Every prayer I had ever knelt down for was now answered. One on my left ring finger and the other in my arms, both swelling my heart. For the first time I felt the words my own mother had always described. Today and everyday I feel the same overpowering and inspiring strength of loving and being loved. And as perfect as this all sounds, its has all been made of imperfection and that's my favorite part about my life. Imperfection! I learn and grow and love more everyday with all thanks to imperfection.

So Momma Lewis it is. And as much as I LOVE to write with as little free time as I am granted, you can read about my good days, bad days, absolutely wild days and then some of "those days". I can guarantee I will be writing about my most passionate little monkeys, and I am sure you will also see some blogs about my dreams and goals that change...far too often. But when you do read my blog, I hope you enjoy it.